It is a device that allows you to store the private keys of your bitcoin wallet safely and without exposing them to any attacker.

Additionally, at Bitex, just because we enjoy doing it, we let you log into your account by connecting the device, preventing you from having to remember your email and password. Very practical!

Maximum security

It does not matter how unprotected it can be connected to the Internet; Your coins will always remain safe with TREZOR since you will never expose your private keys. TREZOR is an isolated environment for the online signature of transactions and you can visually verify the content of the transaction through a small screen. That is why all the operations that use TREZOR are totally safe.

Modern cryptography

TREZOR uses cryptographic algorithms and art practices, but you don't need to read the long manuals to be a crypto-expert in order to use them correctly.

Easy to use

TREZOR is friendly with Windows, OS X and Linux. All you need to do is connect your TREZOR to your computer and follow the instructions. You only have two buttons, to confirm or do the action, so using TREZOR is the easiest and most intuitive that it can be. Users can make a copy of the security of all the content by pulling a small piece of paper and using this backup to recover access to all their coins in case of disaster, loss or theft.

Driven by the open source community

TREZOR code is an open source and technical decisions are dealt with the whole community of developers, all can be audited by an independent third party. This ensures that TREZOR is absolutely transparent and free.

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