At Bitex we launched Vault,  a cryptocurrency custody service aimed at companies and  holders that need a simple, robust and scalable solution for their cryptocurrency custody.

We built a solution that guarantees that 99% of the assets are in air-gapped devices, with passphrase, pin, physical security and access control, 85% of the assets are in geographically distributed multisig vaults. No more than 1% of assets in devices ever connect to the internet, so we cancel certain attack vectors and mitigate the rest.

Through a new distributed and decentralized security system with "zero-knowledge" Bitex ensures that the funds are not susceptible to physical or logical attacks, and undertakes to inform the tenure 24/7, and the tenure at 12/31 all years.

The service has an annual cost of 0.5%, with minimums and maximums according to the amount of assets in custody. On the other hand, custody commissions are subsidized based on the activity that the user has on the platform, and may not pay custody if you accumulate a certain amount of trading commissions.

In turn, Bitex provides advice to those users who are interested in planning, designing, building and managing the custody of bitcoins by their own means. If you are interested in knowing more, you can contact us at

Cryptocurrency Custody fees:

Bitcoin (BTC): 0.5% commission per year, with a maximum of 0.3BTC and a minimum of 0.03 BTC.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH): 0.5% commission per year, with a maximum of 3 BCH and a minimum of 0.3 BCH.


1 - Withdrawals are processed within 2 business days, and until the withdrawal is made, the custody fee runs.

2 - Commissions are calculated on the amount of BTC / BCH at the end of day 00: 00UTC.

3 - The daily fee is added and debited from the account at the end of the month.

4 - The trading fees that occurred in a period reduce the custody fee for that month.

For more details visit our terms and conditions

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