We are all the customers we have in Bitex.la and because it is they choose us every day. If you got questions about how Bitex.la can enhance your business using Bitcoin no doubt contact us.


Avalancha.com is a place to shop online for Argentina with a catalog of very large products and a highly competitive price. It is the first of its caracterizticas to Bitcoin as payment.

What does Bitex.la do for avalancha.com?

Ensures that all charges in bitcoin through a joint integration Bitpagos be automatically liquidated avoiding any price fluctuation.


Nubelo telecommuting is a market for Spanish-speaking countries that connects professionals with companies through a platform that provides the tools necessary for both parties to get the desired result.

What does Bitex.la do for nubelo.com?

Enterprise provide a way to pay and users a way to collect his work. Thus they are avoiding unnecessary fees by providers of payment and the worker receives a bulkier payment as a result.


Koibanx is a global company offering unique investment products worldwide combining traditional investments with the new generation of emerging high-tech technologies.

What does Bitex.la do for Koibanx.com?

By using the account management kind resellers, we allow Koibanx manage and settle balances of their customers according to their preferences in terms of currency, country and date.

Cascos Verdes

Cascos Verdes is a private non-profit organization that works for social and labor inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities, through environmental education.

What does Bitex.la do for CascosVerdes?

We provide an easy, safe and economical way to collect donations using Bitcoin. This allows the NGOs receive 100% of the funds that are donated without got to incur unnecessary intermediaries.

You Tenes an NGO and you want to receive donations in Bitcoin? [Write us!] (Mailto: hola@bitex.la)

Democracy Network

Democracy Network is a place to meet to imagine, design and implement innovations in the political system to adapt democracy to the XXI century.

What does Bitex.la do for Democracy Network?

We provide a solution which provide liquidity for all bitcoin donations.



ELMEME.ME it is a collaborative content platform to share stories, news, ideas and messages to millions. It is the main site of its kind in Latin America and the main competitor Buzzfeed.

What does Bitex.la do for ELMEME.ME?

Through the concierge service take care of payments to instruct all employees in Latin America



SENSCAPE it is a development agency independent game based in Argentina. They have to his credit the creation of Asylum and game engine Dagon.

What does Bitex.la do for SENSCAPE?

Through the concierge service help Senscape to collect royalties from the sale of its games globally.



Hublance it is a company that offers solutions for recruitment, selection and hiring of IT professionals to global markets in the Americas and Europe, with operations in 20 countries.

What does Bitex.la do for Hublance?

Through the concierge service to help make payments Hublance one-to-many suppliers in different countries.


Tierra Buena Delivery

Tierra Buena Delivery is a venture of agro producers looking to create a direct relationship with consumers.

What does Bitex.la do for Tierra Buena Delivery?

Through our payment solution, Tierra Buena Delivery allows users to charge their bitcoin can receive the money in your bank account within 24 hours.


Fundación Huésped

Fundación Huésped is a focal point of national and international importance in research on HIV / AIDS, hepatitis and other communicable diseases and training resources team health.

What does Bitex.la do for Foundation Guest?

Through our payment solution can enable NGOs receiving donations and receive bitcoin settlements in the country where needed.



Zelucash it is a site for buying and selling used smartphones and tablets with a presence in Argentina.

What does Bitex.la do for Zelucash?

Zelucash accepts payment in bitcoin for any of its products. Thus they integrate it as a form of payment in checkout. Bitex.la processes it and settled to your bank account.


Konex Community

Konex Community is the site of promotions and discounts Konex cultural city.

What does Bitex.la do for Konex Community?

We offer the bitcoin payment solution for all those who want to pay the subscription of the community can do so in the most innovative way.

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