What is Bitex?

Bitex is an argentinian Fintech startup that was founded in 2014 with the aim of developing the bitcoin market in Latin America. From its beginnings, Bitex has helped to develop businesses and operated as a bitcoin exchange market and a bitcoin payment gateway. More recently, Bitex added Concierge, an international corporate remittances service that allows companies to make international payments through local bank transfer, taking advantage of bitcoin technology and allowing companies to perform Multiple simultaneous payments.

What services does Bitex offer?

Bitex | Concierge
Never dreamed of someone to take care of your payments? That's concierge. An international payment solution that allows companies to make multiple simultaneous payments through a turnkey service or an integration with our API can pay in one hour and 1% commission in more than 50 countries. More info at concierge.bitex.la

Bitex | Exchange
We provide a simple and professional platform in which users, regardless of their level of knowledge, can, prior registration, buy and sell Bitcoins either manually or using a robot which is connected through our API. More info on bitex.la/exchange

Bitex | Pay
Power your business by accepting payments in Bitcoin. Forget liquidation problems, unnecessary costs, fraud or minuses.
Set up your point of sale in minutes or integrate with your site in a very simple way. Check the technical documentation in our Payments API. More info at bitex.la/pay

Bitex | OTC
Bitex pays great attention to institutional clients who want to buy bitcoin in large quantities. We have a great bitcoin liquidity for our customers who are looking for access to a competitive purchase price and with immediate availability. More info at bitex.la/otc

Bitex | Bitcoin Cold Storage
Although it is not a service that we offer in a paid way all the funds of the users are protected according to the highest security standards so they are totally out of line, far from the scope of any malicious attack. If you have doubts about our protocols you can write us at any time to developers@bitex.la

At Bitex we take the transparency of our operations very seriously. That's why we decided to hire the services of the Deloitte company to review and verify our operations and holdings of bitcoin and company dollars. Monthly report what they found.

What security measures do we use?

At Bitex we comply with the highest standards of cryptographic security applied to the financial industry, allowing us to provide a service that ensures that our transactions, and our clients' information as well as their funds are properly protected. We have robust systems mounted on traditional banking channels, which ensures speed and liquidity.

We use the following services to provide the greatest security to our customers:

Comodo SSL: Provide certificates for secure connections between your computer and our servers.

Cloudflare: Keeps the website and API snappy, even under DDOS attacks.

Amazon Web Services: Hosting service that provides us with secure storage, redundancy and scalability.

Google Authenticator: Add an extra layer of protection to your account.

Bitcoin Trezor: allows you to sign bitcoin transactions without compromising the security of private keys.

Cold storage: 99% of the company's funds and its customers. This is funds in bitcoin off line.

You have more questions? Send us an email: hola@bitex.la

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About Bitex

Bitex provee servicios financieros sobre la red Bitcoin. Realiza pagos y cobros globales usando Concierge, opera Bitcoin en nuestro exchange, haz compras OTC o acepta pagos en Bitcoin en tu negocio.
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