Load and offload

To load ARS/USD into your Bitex account, you need to follow the instructions which are shown below:

Pesos Argentinos:

1- Enter to “Balances”

2- In ARS, click on “Load ARS”

3- There you will find the bank instructions to transfer. It can impact until the 72 next ours since it was done to be credited into your Bitex account. Once it is credited in your account, we will proceed to load the ARS into your account, that you will have available to eject on the exchange BTC/ARS administered by Bitex International.

American Dollars

1- Enter to “Balances”

2- In USD, click on “Load USD”

3- There you will find the bank instructions to transfer. It can last until 72 hours to impact since it’s done. Once it is credited, we will proceed to load the USD into your account, which it will be available for you to eject in the Bitex International BTC/USD exchange.


Load ARS/USD: 0,5% (VAT included).

Fees: Bitex is taxed by the 0,6% of the credit/debit tax.

Some consideration to take into account when transferring: We can only accept transfers which comes from the Bitex titular’s bank account, you cannot make a third-party transfer to your Bitex account.

All the associated costs run by your own.

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