How to buy bitcoin from Uruguay?

Bitex opened the possibility that Uruguayan customers can start operating locally from Uruguay, allowing them to carry a balance in Dollars in their Bitex wallets in order to buy bitcoin.

This possibility is given thanks to an exclusive agreement with Avenida Servicios Financieros that provides customers with a simple and cost effective way to charge balance via transfer or cash in Uruguay.

To start trading you need to follow these steps:

1 - Create and validate your Bitex account

2 - Complete the attached forms and send them signed to with the subject "Bitex Client".

Individual: (Form 1 and Form 2).

Legal Person Legal entity form

3 - In approximately 48 hours, you will be confirmed by mail if your registration is complete or if information is missing. In that same mail you will receive the payment instructions to load balance in your account from Uruguay in Uruguayan Pesos or Dollars, along with details of costs and times.

What documentation will you request?

Physical Person:

1.Formular forms completed and signed (Form 1 and Form 2)

2. Copy Identity document

3. Home address

4. Support documentation of the economic activity or profession developed by the client and the volume of income, when applicable.

Legal Person:

1.Full and signed form Legal person form

2. Final Beneficiary Form

3.Constance of current address

4.Document of agents, shareholders and representatives

5. Photocopy of Rut card or other tax identification document from abroad

6. Last Act of Assembly that designates the directory

7. Social Contract or Statutes depending on the type of company

8.Certificate of shares or register of shareholders

9. Economic Financial Information

What methods of loading and unloading of balance exist?

Users can transfer balance in US Dollars as well as deposit cash in the branches of Avenida Servicios Financieros. Transfers from local banks take 48 hours to be accredited, transfers from BROU accounts take 12 hours to be accredited.


Bitex charges a commission of 0.5% for the loading and unloading of the balance of the platform. Additionally, Avenida Servicios Financieros has the following cost structure:

Balance load

USD 35 per payment in cash at branch (Montevideo, Rivera and Punta del Este) USD 60 by bank transfer

Download balance

USD 40 + 1.5%, with a minimum of USD 50 per download.

Any additional questions please write to

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