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How does the Exchange work?

Bitex Exchange is a buying and selling market of Bitcoin in real time. Users place orders that are perfected in the platform. Follow the steps below to get started:

1- Register here

2- Complete the data according to the profile of users (Physical or Legal Person)

3- Cash in into the Bitex account

Bitex will review your information and approve your access as long as you comply with all current regulations at the time of registration.

If you are not sure how to start operating, click here.

How to trade?

Having successfully anchored your account, is time to start trading. Click on the buy button. There are two types of orders: immediate orders and price limit. By default, Bitex will show you the option with limit price; You can remove the limit price by pressing the button provided for that purpose inside the order placement box.

For a purchase order you must define:

Amount to spend. (Expressed in USD)

Maximum price to pay for each bitcoin. (We inform you the best price of the moment to the side).

Product of this will leave the amount of Bitcoins to receive when the operation is perfected.

Amount to spend / Maximum price to pay = bitcoins to receive.

For a sales order you have to define:

Amount to sell. (Expressed in Bitcoin)

Minimum price to receive for each bitcoin. (We inform you the best price of the moment to the side).

Proceeds of this will come out the amount of Dollars to receive when the operation is perfected.

Quantity to sell / Price to pay = Dollars to receive.

Bitex deducts a commission of 0.25% of the bitcoin you buy.

How do I cancel an order?

To cancel an order, simply place it on the "Outstanding Orders" and press the garbage can icon of the order you want. The orders that belong to it are in a darker blue color.

How much does it cost to trade at Bitex?

Bitex.la charges a transaction fee of 0.25% of the exchange value, once perfected. If you trade a large volume, or intend to do so, contact us at hola@bitex.la

Are there any minimum amounts to trade?

Yes, they can apply minimum amounts when selling, buying, depositing or withdrawing both bitcoins and legal tender coins. At the moment you can not buy for less than 1 USD or sell less than 0.005 BTC. Minimum amounts may change in the future without prior notice. Deposits or extractions that we consider very small can be delayed or directly canceled.

If you have doubts about the amounts in force or the current criteria, contact us at hola@bitex.la.

Where is the transaction history stored?

Inside the exchange screen there is a flap called "history" that adds all the movement that had the platform. Purchase, sale, deposit and withdrawal operations. You can access by clicking here

What is all the information that appears on the screen?

The exchange control panel shows some vital information to be able to trade between what you can find the following:

Price: last price traded

Min: minimum price of the last 24 hours

Max: maximum price of the last 24 hours

Vol: volume of the last 24 hours

Global Trading: It is the amount of Bitcoins and the price at which you are bought or sold at historical level.

Daily Trading: It is the amount of Bitcoins and the price at which you are bought or sold from the beginning of the day.

Any doubts, do not hesitate to contact us: hola@bitex.la

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