The Good Practices are designed to guide our clients in specific situations and improve our service day by day.

Tips to consider:

  • When you register in, do not forget to confirm the email we sent you so that your account does not get blocked.
  • To ensure that our emails do not reach Spam, we suggest you to save us as a contact in your mail.
  • Before making your transfer confirm with that you have the correct banking instructions.
  • When making a transfer, remember to send us the proof of the operation indicating your registered user email to
  • Remember that to speed up the banking clearing, we recommend not sending a round amount For example: instead of transferring ARS 17,000.00 you can send ARS 17,001.12. In this way, we can process your operation more quickly.
  • If you instruct the bank to send us the proof of the transfer, do not forget to indicate the mail with which you are registered. Anyway, we suggest that you always send us the receipt from your email.

If you have any doubt about this, please send your inquiry to

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