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Corporate account. How to create one?

Did you know that it is possible to register an account in the name of a Company / Society?
First, you must create an account in Bitex.la in the name of the company, consigning an email and password, and accept term and conditions.

Next you can find the required documentation.
All information must be uploaded at bitex.la/kyc in PDF, PNG and / or JPG format, in high quality and with all legible fields. Any questions, write us.

Cross-Border Onboarding Requirements Legal Entity:

  • ID/Passport
  • Utility bill (electricity, gas, telephone, internet, bank) to its name with no more than 3 months overdue.
  • Legal entity (Company)
  • Articles of incorporation
  • Note with the detailed reporting shareholders: *Full name/ *Date of Birth/ *Id or Passport /*Address.
  • ID/Passport copy president or attorney in fact.
  • Utility bill (electricity, gas, telephone, internet, bank) or behalf of President/Attorney with no mre than 3 months overdue.
  • Last filed VAT or income.
  • Tax agency registration form (W9 in the US).
  • Certficate of Good Standing.
  • Complete Bank Data (Bank Account Number, Account type, CBU, Swift, ABA, Beneficiary address, etc).

If one or more shareholder are, in turn, legal entities an addiotional note is required informing UBO's of the holding Company. Bitex may request additional information as needed.

Once the documentation has been checked, your account can take up to 4 days to be approved.

If you have any questions, write to hola@bitex.la.

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