Concierge service is a global payments and collections tailored to the Latin American entrepreneurs. With your concierge account you can charge customers in other countries, regardless of the currency of origin or destination and pay employees or pay services of all kinds, no matter whether one, three, or a hundred, what you can do, easy, fast and without unnecessary paperwork.

For whom is intended?

Latin America is one of the regions with the highest rate of entrepreneurship and yet does not have a set of solutions for these projects can stand in the time.

That is why from Bitex we decide to develop a new turnkey service for payments and collections, ideally thinking for entrepreneurs, freelancers and startups, but available to anyone who has to charge customers, pay suppliers or settle a debt with service.

How does it work?

It´s simple. You get in contact with your Concierge, he analyze your need and works a plan for you. If you are ok, we proceed to execute your work order which will be available within one hour at your recipient account.

By only contacting a Concierge and telling what you need, he will provide you with the cost and time to carry out what you need. If you agree, then you proceed to deposit funds in your account and in less than an hour the recipient will have the money available to withdraw.

The aim of this service is to serve a segment of the economy which today is not served by banks and other solutions are expensive, cumbersome or unclear. If you're an entrepreneur who has a startup, small, medium, large or just an idea you need to exploit Concierge will be able to help make payments and collections smoothly overall.

Suits me?

For example, if you use the concierge service you are saving in the worst 1% versus using Paypal and at least 4% compared to Western Union. Besides the impact on costs, payments or receipts may be multiple (one-to-many) and made at one time. All this has a significant impact on the time it takes to perform the task, leaving the task manager to other things.

One aspect that we believe is important is the simplicity by which you start using this service, it´s nonsense to go to a branch to make a submission, which is why we believe that with a sign-up button can make you reach the world. No unnecessary paperwork over here.

Today if your projects, clients or collaborators are in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Peru, the US or any country of the European Union you can use the service without problems. We are working hard to cover the entire globe, it is a matter of time.

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About Bitex

Bitex provee servicios financieros sobre la red Bitcoin. Realiza pagos y cobros globales usando Concierge, opera Bitcoin en nuestro exchange, haz compras OTC o acepta pagos en Bitcoin en tu negocio.
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