Bitex launches Vault, their new crypto assets custody solution

Bitex announces the launch of “Vault”, its crypto assets custody solution, which targets companies and holders that need a simple, robust and scalable solution for their cryptocurrency custody.

"We developed Bitex Vault because we found that there are a number of clients who, due to the complexity of their company or the size of their portfolio, need a supplier such as Bitex, which already has more than 5 years of experience in the subject and who complies with the highest standards and security protocols applied to the custody of crypto assets." commented Nubis Bruno co-founder and CISO of Bitex.

Bitex Vault is a solution that guarantees that 99% of assets are out of reach of physical and logical attacks. Applying a concept of "zero-knowledge" and control by opposition, we created a new distributed and decentralized safeguard system that allows us to maintain the integrity of the custody by canceling some attack vectors while minimizing the rest.

"We believe that everyone should be able to be the guardian of their private keys as well as be able to choose who to delegate that responsibility. Our suitability in the subject allowed us to build a solution that improves the experience and usability of the technology, which is why big holders and companies choose us" clarified Nubis Bruno.

"We offer a turnkey solution for your custody, which does not change the user experience within the platform, since it can continue to operate while the bitcoins are guarded. We believe that we can add a lot of value to a growing ecosystem that needs concrete solutions in order to continue scaling, "concluded Nubis Bruno.

Vault has an annual cost of 0.5%, with minimums and maximums according to the amount of assets held in custody. On the other hand custody fees are subsidized based on the activity that the user has on the platform, and may not pay custody if you accumulate a certain amount of commissions for trading.The new solution will be publicly launched in March 2019 and will come to light with zero commission during the first month for all customers.

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