Accept bitcoin payment with Bitex

If you have an online business or just want to expand your international customers, bitcoin is a solution that should be taken into consideration.

Through a very simple implementation, our payment processing sterilises bitcoin price volatility, providing an innovative and cost effective alternative.

Why starting to accept Bitcoin?

  • Unlike credit cards and PayPal there are no chargebacks because bitcoin payments are irreversible.

  • Payments in bitcoin are settled instantly having funds at your disposal within 24 hours after payment.

  • The lower transaction costs in the market. The bitcoin payment processing usually costs up to 70% less than other payment processors.

  • It's a form of lump sum payment. You can accept payments from anyone in the world, regardless of language or currency of origin.

How much does it cost to accept payments in Bitcoin?

Our payment processing is designed for every type of business according to its scale. [Write us](mailto: to learn more how much it can cost you to accept bitcoin payments using

How do I begin accepting payments in Bitcoin?

You have two options, the first is to manually set the point of sale, only take about 2 minutes following the steps shown in this [link]( -of-sale-bitcoin)

If, on the other hand you want to implement bitcoin payments on your web page we share technical information for you to share with your development team. They will find all details to consider in order to accomplish a successful implementation.

If you have questions you can write to us

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About Bitex

Bitex provee servicios financieros sobre la red Bitcoin. Realiza pagos y cobros globales usando Concierge, opera Bitcoin en nuestro exchange, haz compras OTC o acepta pagos en Bitcoin en tu negocio.
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